As his addictive debut single “Best Shot” continues its trek up the charts, rising country star Jimmie Allen has spent the summer counting his blessings while out on the road playing the music he loves. But little do many fans know just how blessed this Delaware native really is.

“I had a heart attack at 21,” Allen admits during a recent interview in Chicago with Taste of Country. “My dad had a heart attack at 22, and has had to have a couple bypass surgeries—and his dad had a heart attack at 23. So yeah, the heart condition is something that we were born with. It’s kinda like once the heart attack happens, then the doctors know how to treat you and move forward.”

Move forward he has, with Allen recently releasing another track from his series “Slower Lower Sessions,” which musically documents his time growing up.

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“My dad introduced me to country music through Aaron Tippin’s music,” recalls Allen. “I remember when I called my dad and told him I was getting a record deal. He was so excited. All of a sudden, I get a record deal and he thinks I’m living next to Trace Adkins and I’m hanging out with Jason Aldean," he laughs.

However, “It’s been cool to see a smile on his face with all of this. He was with me the whole time I was struggling and trying to get it going and he would tell me not to quit and to keep moving forward.”

And for Allen, part of moving forward means continuing to work on his new album, which he says has allowed him ‘to write some songs and also find some songs that I really love.’ Allen is also moving forward by going out on the road this fall with Scotty McCreery and continuing to get his music in front of his growing fan base.

“This past year has been exhausting but its been totally worth it,” says Allen, who made his Grand Ole Opry debut back in May. “You work so hard for so long to get to this point, and each time I feel like my body is tired and I’m done, I realize why I am doing it. I’ve sacrificed a lot to get to this point so I could not only be a musician, but so I could use that to take care of my son. I couldn’t ever tell my son to chase his dreams if I didn’t chase mine.”

He also, of course, is not only taking care of his 3-year-old son, but also working to take care of his father—who has never left his side. Allen's dad recently lost a leg to his battle with diabetes, and has received a prosthetic he's getting used to.

“I’ve learned over the last couple of months that finding reasons why is what keeps you going,” Allen says quietly as the rain begins pouring down in Chicago. “When you start to doubt yourself, you remember why you are doing it and who you are doing it for.”

Allen will be hitting the road with Scotty McCreery on McCreery's Seasons Change Tour starting in November.

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