Some folks will be sticks in the mud and say: 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it,' but the new Vikings alternate uniforms are turning heads, and for good reason.

Occasionally, NFL teams get their revamped full-time uniforms or alternates right, but more often than not these days, reaction is mixed at best.

Diehard fans of the Minnesota Vikings were aware that the team was working on alternate uniforms that will debut at some point this season, and they've arrived.

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Here's the video from the Vikings on Twitter unveiling the new threads:

What stands out to me? There's not a spec of gold on the new threads. It's slightly surprising, but the uniforms are very clean and different from past alternates in team history.

For an even better look, here's some still frame photos from NFL insider Ian Rapoport:

Mark your calendars for December 16th when we'll see these uniforms in live game action for the first time.

If the initial reaction from the broader NFL and fans is any indicator, I'd say that the Vikings earned an A for the alternates, and they'll be around for a while.

Sources: Rap Sheet on Twitter and Vikings on Twitter

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