Keeping a quarter in your freezer might sound like the most random and unnecessary thing, but it could save you a lot of trouble.

Why You Should Keep A Quarter In The Freezer

Let’s run a scenario. Let’s say you go on a vacation for several days and while you’re gone, you hear there was severe weather and power outages in your hometown.

How do you know if you lost power? How do you know if your food thawed and refroze when it kicked back on?

This is the hack. This is how you know your food is safe to eat.

1. Fill a cup up with water and place it in your freezer.

2. Wait for the water to freeze, then place a quarter on top of the ice in the cup.

3. Leave the cup and quarter in your freezer.

If you want to be sure you didn't lose power at some point and your food is safe to eat, look at the quarter.

If it is at the bottom or even the middle of the cup, that means you’re freezer shut off and food defrosted while you were gone.

If you see this, you should probably throw the food in your freezer away because it’s no longer safe to eat.

That's It!

This is a simple way to be safe rather than sorry. Try the quarter-in-the-cup trick and tell your friends and family. --You never know, it might just save the day.

Thank you for reading!

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