According to Supermarket News, some grocery stores in Illinois are planning on bringing in "Smart carts" on a trial basis.

What Is A Smart Cart?

According to the source, these fancy grocery carts total what you have in the cart as you go.

The best part about it is, that you wouldn't have to go through a checkout lane when you're done shopping.

Yes, you could "checkout" with your cart. There is a touch screen and payment device attached to the smart cart, so when you're done, you can just swipe, or tap and go.

We've seen this technology before with Instacart and Amazon stores; they've been moving toward a cashier-less shopping experience for some time now.

Coming To North Dakota?

As of right now, we've only heard that Albertsons and Kroger stores have put out these carts. This, according to

We haven't heard any news on North Dakota groceries stores rolling these out just yet, but many studies suggest we would like to have them and would use them.

According to, nearly 41 percent of Americans said they would use a smart cart.

I wouldn't be surprised to see smart carts in North Dakota within the next few years.

Are They Necessary?

When I first heard about these carts, I thought it sounded a little frivolous, but the more I've looked into it, the more appealing they seem.

Smart carts, for the most part, eliminate the bagging process, the line-waiting, and rid you of the risk of forgetting to scan something in your cart while doing self-checkout.

I'm in!


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