If you're from North Dakota or have lived here several years, you start to hear things, and to be perfectly honest... it gets old.

To be fair, the people who typically say these things aren't from here and haven't lived here long. They haven't quite gotten the vibe yet.

Here are four things North Dakotans are really sick of hearing.


1. The Bag Debate

A lot of people in North Dakota do pronounce "Bag" more like bay-g, but...get off it! It's almost as tired as the pop vs soda vs coke debate. When I hear someone poke fun at how a North Dakotan pronounces "Bag," I cringe.

We've heard this a million times, you're not funny. Come up with some better material or a personality.

2. Beer Comments

North Dakotans are very aware of the fact that we drink a lot of beer. It's not trashy, we're just more fun than you. Please move off of the topic. If you make jokes about it, no on will be laughing with you.


3. There Are No Trees

There are trees in North Dakota, granted, not as many as other places, but leaf it alone. See what I did there?

If the North Dakota landscape isn't something you like, you could always move. Hating on the state and all of its features just annoys us.

There You Have It

I'm sure there are many more things North Dakotans are sick of hearing, but that's all I could think of for now. Feel free to send us an app message and tell us what you're sick of hearing.

Thanks for reading!


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