I LOVE this story, it's how school SHOULD be...

13-year-old Hank Warner woke up yesterday morning in Golden Valley, ND, and went about his daily routine. Getting ready for school he had no idea that hours later he would become a full-fledged hero. A seventh grader at Beulah Middle School, Hank was among other kids his age hanging out in the gym after lunch, when Superintendent Jordan stopped by. In a friendly, down-to-earth manner he planned to get the large group of students to settle down a bit, politely lining everyone up against the wall. He randomly chose 4 kids - one boy and one girl from the 7th grade, and the same thing for the 8th.

Holding a basketball in his hands, Superintendent NOW had everyone's attention

"If ONE of you can make a basket, I'll buy the whole gym ice cream" - hold on though, it wouldn't be that easy - "You have to MAKE the shot from halfcourt - BACKWARDS" Here is when Hank became a king:

Beulah Middle School Facebook Page

Did you notice two things? He made that shot one-handed, and nothing but net. Travis told me on the phone this afternoon that he will now find someplace in Beulah where he will buy 57 middle school kids ice cream!

A few words now about Superintendent Jordan, this is how school should be. 

It is rare these days when 10-15 minutes go by without anyone, of any age, checking their phone - social media you know. When Travis was a school principal, he used to hear others say "Well you can't be friends with the students" - to that, he always said to himself "Why Not?" - I could tell right away in our 10-minute conversation how sincere this man is. "It's important to show my face, to be interested in what the kids have going on - I try to be there for them, to participate in games and their classes"

I guarantee you that those 57 kids will never forget yesterday...

...not because they were treated to some ice cream, but because of a Superintendent, a friend that stopped by to be a part of their day. it's what school should be all about.

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