North Dakotans need a dog friend that fits their particular lifestyle in a state renowned for its hard winters, vast plains, and strong people.

Step forward the squat, fluffy Corgi, who is sweeping the Peace Garden State. To be very clear, Corgis are the best dogs North Dakotans can have.

Talking about those legs first

The legs of a corgi are exactly short enough to keep their bellies warm and comfortable in a country where the snow may reach incredible depths.

It functions much like an integrated snow jacket, but without the trouble of actually donning one. In addition, it is both useful and incredibly fun to watch a Corgi play in the snow, much like a furry submarine navigating a white ocean.

As with the people of North Dakota, corgis are the definition of resiliency. Their natural tendency to herd means they are constantly watching for stray cattle, random passersby, or, more likely, a stray leaf.

Imagine having a dog that not only watches over your animals but also ensures that not a single twig moves in the yard without permission.

It's like having a furry security system.

Megawatt Smile

The long, dark winters are the ideal counterbalance to their always cheerful features. A Corgi smiling up at you will make you forget that your car is six feet beneath snow.

In fact, the deeper the snow gets, the more it evolves into the rare snow dolphin.

You can probably establish scientifically that having a Corgi makes you happier every day by at least 150%.

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Built-in Baby Monitor

Corgis are the best family dogs. Children love them as playmates because of their small size and lively personalities.

Like the ideal fusion of a plush animal and a guard dog, they are always ready to cuddle and defend.

Originally bred to be a cattle dog in Wales, the corgi will keep a close eye on your children, if only to act as a dedicated food receptacle.

To be honest, who can resist a dog that appears to be permanently attired in a regal costume? Like having a tiny bit of British aristocracy in your living space.

Thus, North Dakotans, the choice of breed to bring into your homes is obvious.

A lifestyle, not simply a dog, characterizes the Corgi. It provides unending warmth, humor, and devotion.

You will never shovel snow or do really anything alone, and your life will be ten times better.

Just remember, Corgi's are always happier in groups, so it's suggested you just go ahead and get two.

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