It's fun to say "Snot Rocket" instead of Northern, Northern Pike or just plain Pike.  Growing up, Northerns were also referred to as Snakes in our family, but every time my Grandpa said "Snot Rocket" it made this little boy giggle.

I was going through some old photographs this past weekend and came across some a couple of pictures of me fishing with my Grandpa up at Lake Of The Woods.  There were a couple of pictures holding Northerns and a whole bunch of us holding our Cataract Catch of the day, also known as Fog Eyes, Wallys or Walleyes.

Besides the nostalgia of my days at the lake, the pictures got me thinking about all of the silly nick names we had for fish and other critters.  Some we used to watch, some we used to catch, some we used to hunt and some we used to eat.  All of them made growing up in the outdoors a whole lot more fun, so I thought I'd share some of our critter nick names with you.

I already covered Northerns and Walleyes, but Pelicans were Penguins ( thank an intoxicated cousin on a fishing trip and it stuck for some reason), Racoons are better known as Trash Pandas, Canadian Geese are Sky Pandas, Honkers or Greaters or Lessers depending on the big version or the little version and Snow Geese are Sky Carp.

Antelope are Speed Goats, Sage Rabbits or Prong Horns.  One of my favorite critters to hunt are Sod Puppies, better known as Prairie Dogs.  We all have a bunch of nick names for my favorite quarry, the Ring Neck Pheasant or Roosters as I usually call them.

The list goes on and on, but I though it would be more fun to hear what some of your favorite Nick Names are, so start sharing...and it still makes me giggle and think of Grandpa when I hear "Snot Rocket!"

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