"Surge Pricing" what the heck is that?

Fair question right?  I've never heard of such a thing before.  I've heard of price gouging before but that's about it.

One fast food chain in the country is planning on implementing "dynamic surge pricing" when 2025 rolls around.

According to an article on ars TECHNICA, Wendy's across the country will begin to experiment with this sort of pricing next year.  This means you will pay MORE for a hot and juicy Wendy's hamburger during peak times.  Basically, when the drive-thru lines are the longest, you are going to pay more for that burger or chicken sandwich.

Typical fast food rushes occur around 12 noon and 6 pm.  If you want to pay less for your fast food you will want to adjust your eating times to less crowded times of the day.

No word yet on how much prices will "surge" during these peak times.  I can't help but wonder how this strategy will go over with fast food consumers.  Especially in a period where prices seem to be increasing on everything and not only that, items are shrinking in size.  It really seems like we're already paying so much more for less.

Wendy's plans to put some serious money behind this strategy.

According to the article, Wendy's plans to drop somewhere around $20 million dollars to install digital menu boards capable of displaying these prices in real-time in all of their restaurants across the country.

Another $10 million will be spent on the enhancement of Wendy's global system to improve accuracy and upsell other menu items.

You have to think, if surge pricing ends up profitable for Wendy's other fast food chains will follow.

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