The Mandan High School is currently over capacity.  Things are just a bit crowded on the west side of the Missouri.  The Mandan Public School district has increased by 1,025 students, a 33% enrollment growth, in the past 13 years.  As a result, four of their elementary schools and the high school our operating overcapacity.  The current Mandan High School has a capacity of 1,100 students.  The current enrollment however is 1,183.  The current square footage of the high school is 178,224 square feet.  That's nearly twice as small as Bismarck High.

According to the Mandan School Board, 74% of respondents support building a new high school.  67% of respondents support building a new elementary school.  1,747 people responded to the survey.

According to Mandan Public Schools, there's a 2021 bond referendum being proposed.  A new high school will be built to serve 1,400 students, with the ability to expand to 1,800.  A site for this school has not been finalized.  If approved the existing Mandan High School would be demolished.  The building will include expanded space for  Career & Technical Education.  Projected cost to build a 270,00 square foot high school is $69,000,000.00.  The new elementary school will be built in the Lakewood area.

So what is this going to cost you?  The projects are proposed to be financed over 20 years with a referendum of 84 million.  For the new high school and elementary school, the tax impact per $100,000 true and full value annually will run you $172.32.  That includes the current middle school cost.  That number will go down to $119.04 when the middle school debt expiration goes away.  The debt on the Middle School will retire before any payments are due.

Here's when you can vote.  Tuesday, April 13th.  7 am to 7 pm.  You can vote at Raging Rivers, Fort Lincoln Elementary, Mandan Middle School & The Brave Center.

Big decision for the people of Mandan for sure.  As schools swell up with students, its hard not to see the need.


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