NDSU had a steller game in Frisco, Texas. Many people thought the game was going to be a lot closer than it actually was. Many people thought it might have been a little closer if Montana State’s quarterback didn’t get hurt. Tommy Mellott got hurt on the first drive of the game. No one ever wants to see anyone get hurt. It was the matchup that many people wanted to see but it wasn’t much of a game. The final score was 38-10 and it was NDSU’s ninth National Title in 11 years. That is something that is never heard of.

People have been fighting over whether NDSU should move up or stay where they are at. Some people want NDSU to move up whereas others want them to stay in the FCS. I personally think they should stay where they are at. NDSU has built a great program in Fargo, ND, and has great recruiting. NDSU is the number one team in the country next year and definitely has another chance to win another title.

Would you like to see NDSU move up to the FBS? Or should they stay in the FCS? Do you think NDSU will make it to Frisco, Texas next year? Have you ever been to Frisco, Texas? I’d recommend to anyone that has never been there that if they go to Frisco, Texas next year to go because you never know if they’ll ever make it there again. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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