Even though is seems the influenza virus has tapered off just a bit, the deaths associated with the flu hit 16 in North Dakota.

Last week's total deaths was at 7, the North Dakota Department of Health reported Friday the death toll has risen to 16. All of the deaths reported are elderly. So far 3,523 lab-confirmed cases have been reported to state health officials, with over 100 hospital admissions.

Burleigh County (714) continues to lead the state with cases reported and Cass County (457) has the second most reported cases.

Scott Olson / Getty Images
Scott Olson / Getty Images


Next door in Minnesota, four pediatric flu deaths have been reported and 1,285 hospital admits have been accounted for due to the flu bug according to the latest figures.

Authorities urge that even though the flu vaccination is only 25% accurate for prevention of the virus, it is best to still get vaccinated especially for the elderly and those with underlying health issues.


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