The Minnesota Twins have fallen on some hard times.  They recently lost 5 games in a row, only to snap that streak with a win, followed by another terrible loss.  Now, several players on the Minnesota Twins have COVID to add insult to injury.  Oh, by the way, the Twins are dealing with several injuries too.

Minnesota had a 3-2 lead over the LA Angles Friday night before blowing the lead late in the game.  The Angles beat up on the Minnesota relief staff, (something just about everybody has been doing this year) taking a 10-3 lead late in the game.

Rather than bring in another reliever, the Twins turned to a position player, Willians Astudillo.  Astudillo can literally play just about every position.  He's mostly a catcher, but can and does play both infield and outfield for the Twins.  Now, he's pitched his first inning for the big league club.  Astudillo had two pitches.  Slow and Fast.  His slow ball came in at 46 MPH.  Yes, I can throw that fast.  His fast ball was in the mid 70's.  In my American Legion hay days with the Grand Forks Royals I was throwing that fast.  I think anyway?  Here's some of that 46 mile per smoke that Astudillo was dealing.

Guess what?  46 miles per hour worked.  Astudillo only threw to 3 batters and 7 pitches total.  The relievers on the Twins should take some notes.


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