It has nothing to do with improving the bullpen. It really should.

Hopefully, the Minnesota Twins do address their pitching roster over the off-season. But if they're still subpar, they'll be subpar in style. It's rebranding time for the Twins and that means a new uniform design, updated logo, and stadium updates that will be all-new for 2023. The uniforms are already complete but will not be unveiled until the Twins wrap another soul-crushing season.

At Target Field the Twins' heartbreaking game video will be 76% larger!

That's failure on a pretty grand scale. From November to March, they will be installing new scoreboards including a huge left-field video board which is 76% larger than the current board.  Don't get me wrong, I love going to Target Field, if my favorite band is playing. So after years of discussion will we see a subtle change to the Minnesota Twins logo? By subtle, I mean making one of the white guys into a black guy.

The beloved "Minnie and Paul" logo may see some diversity in 2023.

That image is from the Facebook page of Dr. Charles Crutchfield III, a 20-year Minnesota Twins season ticket holder.  He has a suggestion for the "Minnie and Paul" logo that's been with the team since 1961.  Instead of hopping on the wave of  "tear it down", the good doctor suggested instead that the Twins could maybe "tone it up". (My words, not his.)

In a story from July 2020 in the Pioneer Press,  Dr. Charles first introduced the concept of adding diversity to the decades-old logo. Making either Minnie or Paul a person of color to better reflect the makeup of the community.  He put out a pretty simplistic survey that you can read more about here.

The three choices were

1) Refresh the logo (85%)

2) Keep the logo, as is (3%)

3) Design a completely new and different logo (12%)

I didn't break down the methodology of the survey, but the eyeball test gives refreshing the boys a pretty strong lead.


A Twins spokesperson said the team wouldn't comment on "specific design elements until the entire system is unveiled."

It seems like a good idea, let's see how the Twins can screw it up

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