You've been waiting for this all year long.  The deer-gun opener in North Dakota.  It's something very sacred to so many.  You've built that relationship with that landowner, you've been scouting all year long, and checking that trail cam weekly.  Then, all of a sudden, you're no longer welcome on that land.  Not because of something you did, but because of what somebody else did.

If you want those gates to stay open, don't be a SLOB!  This picture was sent to me by a landowner in southwestern North Dakota.  A group of pheasant hunters decided to clean their birds and leave them in plain sight for everybody to see.  I can tell you first hand, this is something that is frowned upon by the majority of landowners.  I know what you're saying, the coyotes are going to get them.  This may be true, but landowners still don't want pheasant carcasses laying out in plain sight. (WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTO)

TSM Bismarck
TSM Bismarck

It's unsightly and not something sportsman should do.  Dispose of your critters properly.  That goes for all animals.  Even deer.  I live next to a section line road that clearly says no dumping, and every year several deer guts and carcasses are left to rot in plain sight.  This only gives ammunition for the anti hunters in the world, and they use pictures like this above to paint a very bad picture of sportsmen.  I've seen them use them to their advantage on forums and social media.

Do your part and help keep the gates open for all.  Treat the land like it was your very own.  Respect landowners and their property.


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