Have you ever restored anything in your lifetime? I've been working on restoring items since I was just a little kid. I always thought that restoring something had to do with cars or motorcycles but that's not the case. I recently had a friend of mine use old barn wood to make it into a piece of furniture. 

I've been given the chance to restore a few things in my lifetime. The first two were with my dad and were a Model A and a 1956 Ford two door Custom Line 500 car. I've redone two motorcycles for the most part by myself. I restored a 1983 Yamaha Venture Royal XVZ1200 and a 1988 Honda Goldwing 1500. The biggest two things that I found when restoring vehicles is that parts are the worst to try and find. The second thing I learned is having patience and when a part doesn't fit have patience and it will all work out.

I really like old items, old cars, and motorcycles. Getting the opportunity to restore these items was a lot of fun to me and personally was very relaxing. The best day when restoring something is the day you get to open the garage door and drive it and take it for a test drive. Usually after the test drive a person finds more issues with the vehicle. After a person gets those issues fixed it's the best time because you can just drive it whenever you want to. Have you ever restored anything? 


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