Have you ever been to the Stage Stop in Mandan? They have a lot of good food and people really like going over there to eat. A few weeks ago, I was there and saw this Brutus Dog which is a 22-inch dog. This would be a lot to eat in one sitting especially for one person. I'd like to try the Brutus Dog sometime it really looks like something that would be awesome to try.

The Stage Stop also has other food including Rocky Mountain Oysters, and Alligator Eggs. These are something that you can't get many places in town. The State Stop also has bands and they sell off sale liquor. The only problem with myself buying one of these big 22-inch dogs is I might be sitting there for hours to finish eating it.

I love food and I'm going to definitely be eating one of them in the near future. I always like when places in the Bismarck Mandan area have food that other places don't have. It's awesome to go to the Stage Stop in Mandan, ND when they have a band because they always have great bands.

Have you ever been to the Stage Stop in Mandan? Have you ever tried the Brutus Dog? It's something that is well worth trying and I hope to try it within the next year. I just know I need to not eat anything for two days in order to eat the whole Brutus Dog.


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