You don't always think of Halloween movies as family fare, but there are a lot of great movies which are kid friendly.  I think I'd probably throw "The Gonnies" in this category.

My all time favorites are "The Shining" and the original "The Fog".  What movies scare the crap out of you?  Redbox recently asked 1,000 people to name their favorite Halloween movies.  Here is what they found.

Top 5 Family Halloween Movies:

1. Hocus Pocus

2.  Beetlejuice

3.  It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

4.  The Night Before Christmas

5.  Ghostbusters

Children in Halloween costumes

Top 5 Scary Halloween Movies:

1.  The Shining (My all time favorite)

2.  A Quiet Place

3.  Halloween

4.  The Exorcist

5.  Nightmare on Elm Street

Some honorable mentions that should've or could've made the list.  "The Ring".  I still have to watch that with the lights on.  "The Conjuring" series.  All of them including the "Annabelle's".  "Sinister" is another one that gives me nightmares.  "Insideous" series will certainly make you change your shorts as well.

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