Ghosts are often watched for during this time of year. The thought of a spirit, or other supernatural appearance, generally resembles that of a dead person or other past living creature. That someone now may manifest or one might say haunt homes, schools or buildings for example.

But have you ever thought, where does North Dakota rank among the other states when it comes to the most ghost sightings? Throughout the years there have been books published regarding the topics. Books such as Ghosts of America - Great Plains have been on bookshelves or on coffee tables for ages. All depicting various stories, or paranormal activity, from across the United States.

Ghost Stories

Included within those various books are a multitude of stories from right here in North Dakota. There have been stories shared such as this one, "It started by little things going missing like car keys and household items. They would later turn up in different spots, and I would hear a little girl's voice." As time went on this person said, "It got worse to seeing figures walking around. On was a little girl."

These books filled with recollections of hauntings can only make the hair on the back of your arms raise, thinking to yourself, have any of those past whistles, door slams or dreams maybe not have been bad dreams? Do we in North Dakota live amongst many ghosts? How haunted is North Dakota?

The has done the numbers and according to their latest survey, these are the rankings of the Top Ten States With The Most Ghost Sightings.

Top Ten States With The MOST Ghost Sightings Ranked

How Haunted Is Your State?

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