It's one of the most difficult habits to kick! Professionals say if you can stop smoking for one day, you should be able to stop for two, three and then so on. Taking it day by day.

Today, Thursday (11/20) is The Great American Smoke Out. According to the National Cancer Society-
Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the US, yet about 42 million Americans still smoke cigarettes — a bit under 1 in every 5 adults. As of 2012, there were also 13.4 million cigar smokers in the US, and 2.3 million who smoke tobacco in pipes — other dangerous and addictive forms of tobacco.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

Today, there are various way to stop smoking including medicine, gum and patches to ease the craving of lighting up. There are even more hints from The Mayo Clinic.

Stop today, stop for good!