Bismarck in the place that the very first Relay For Life took place in NoDak. The first event played host to 11 teams and raised just over $12,000. Today, the event will play host to over 85 teams and will raise over $250,000. That is something to be proud of in the fight against cancer.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The ugly C word has an effect on everybody. We all know of someone or a family, co worker or neighbor that has had to battle cancer.

Over the years, Relay For Life has outgrown many locations in it's life time. Century High School is the host for the 2014 event. This event is now the 16th largest event out of 533 events in the Great West Division.

This fund raiser continues succeed because of volunteers that help produce the event, the team captains and the hundreds of people that make up each team.

The 2014 Relay For Life event will be held at Century High School. Friday June 6th is the Survivors Reception and Saturday, June 7th is the Relay for Life at 1PM.

Join in the fight against cancer and for cancer research by supporting and participating in the 2014 Relay For Life with the American Cancer Society. Log on to the Relay For Life webpage for additional information and on ways you can help.