Gas prices are on the rise in North Dakota.

We just bumped up a full dime to $2.79 a gallon over most stations across Bismarck Mandan.  As we flipped the page on the calendar to February, it's a reminder that the annual pain at the pump is coming.

Gas prices across the country typically rise to their highest prices in spring each year.

Memorial weekend in late May is normally the peak for the biggest spike of the year.  Gas prices normally remain high for the rest of the summer followed by lower prices in the fall and winter.

Here's what GasBuddy is saying for 2024 when it comes to gas prices.

According to GasBuddy, their annual fuel outlook for 2024, after our spike around Memorial weekend, you can expect fuel prices to continue to fall throughout 2024, with consumers paying the lowest prices per gallon since 2021.  Some good news for once.

The average cost for a gallon of gas is expected to drop from $3.51 in 2023 to $3.38 in 2024.

It's crazy how we are now trained to accept $3 dollar plus gas, whereas not that long ago, anything over $3 dollars a gallon was considered the end of the world.

How high will we likely see gas prices go in North Dakota in 2024?

Memorial weekend will give us the steepest hikes at the pump, with the national average rising to around $3.56 to $4.04 dollars per gallon.  North Dakota will likely be closer to $3 and a half dollars a gallon.

The overall decrease in gas prices means you can expect to spend about $200 per month on fuel prices on average in 2024, which is down more than 12% from record highs in 2022.

Now keep in mind gas prices are always volatile.  Speculation on oil prices, instability in the Middle East, and global wars could all factor in on unexpectedly higher gas prices.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that GasBuddy is correct this year.

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