I know on these hot days, you love ice cream because it tastes and feels so good, but what about your dog? I bet he or she would love the coldness of delicious ice cream and I bet you'd love it if it was FREE!

I love this idea! Gourmet Doggie Diner in Bismarck at  2206 E. Broadway Ave. is having an ice cream social for your dog. What a GREAT idea!

Because of our dog's digestive system, I found out the hard way many years ago, as much as dogs love people ice cream, it is not good for their system and I spent the better half of a weekend following my dog 'Skully' (RIP) and cleaning up after her. That was not fun.

You won't have to worry about that. Saturday, August 25th from 10:30 am until 1 pm, the Doggie Diner is having a free ice cream social for your dog. You'll want to get there early as it's first to come, first served while the ice cream lasts.

Here's the fine print-

  • You must have a dog
  • Your dog must be with you
  • One sample per dog
  • To be safe, get there early

Props to Gourmet Doggie Diner for a great idea!

If you're a pet owner, we all know our critters are part of the family. Heck, my dogs have better manners and are better behaved than some people I know. Anytime there is a function or event where I can include my dogs, I'm all in!

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