Every year, this is my favorite story to write. Friday, June 2nd is National Donut Day and that means, you can grab a donut!

Cindy Ord / Getty Images
Cindy Ord / Getty Images

It will be the 78th annual National Donut Day Friday, (6/2) and for me, I am not a donut eater. I may eat a total of 4-5 donuts a year, and on National Donut Day, I always have my annual glazed donut and I know where to go in Bismarck and Mandan.

Bearscat Bakery! The bake shop that sells the best donuts every year for the annual event. In Bismarck, they are located at 1914 N 12th St. In Mandan, the location is 111 5th Ave NE.

Here's what I love about Bearscat. They are a true donut shop. They arrive early in the morning to bake and have the pastries ready for you when you wake up.

Not to knock other places like gas stations and stores. You never know where those donuts come from. And believe me, those are also good, but for a true donut from a true donut house, in Bis-Man, we're fortunate to have Bearscat Bake House!

Thank You Bearscat! Happy Donut Day!

Correction- We mistakenly printed Free Donuts. We're sorry for the misprint. (still, grab a donut, they're the best!)

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