North Dakota is getting into the high season for the influenza virus.

According to the CDC, as of Thursday, December 14th, the flu virus is registered in the regional category for the state.

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I'm sure you know someone who is struggling with sinuses or upper respiratory infection, which is common. There is a solid difference between the common cold, sinus problems and the flu. I'll share my personal experience with you a little later on in this story.

In comparing 2016 to the current year, at this point in last year, the virus was listed on the sporadic category with a total number of 6 cases, compared to 172 cases to date. Cumulative cases for season were 64 last year to 476 cases this year.

According to the CDC, influenza activity continues to increase. The percent of outpatient visits for influenza-like illness is back above our seasonal baseline.

It is not too late to get the flu shot, as we are getting into the sickest time of the season, which is December and January.

It is a good reminder, to receive the shot does not guarantee you will not get the virus. I can speak from personal experience. I have received the flu shot every year for the last 10 years and I had never had the flu. Until this year. ( I had the flu before, many years ago, and anyone who has experienced the flu, you know what the symptoms are)

If you listen to my morning show on 1033 US Country, you heard how ill I was and how sick I sounded. The effects of the flu can not be confused with any other type of illness. You're tired, your body and muscular joints ache, headache and stuffy head. Plus, you can sleep and sleep anywhere.

The effects came on Monday when I woke up. I was in Minneapolis for a convention. I could not make it out of bed. I slept in the hotel all day. I flew back to Bismarck Tuesday and was off from work on Wednesday. I slept on the plane on the return flight, which is something I can never do, sleep on a plane. I figured I was out for the count for at least 10-14 days.

To my surprised, I woke up Thursday (12/14) and was a bit sluggish, but still was more than able to make it to work, do my morning show and worked a full day, with out the body aches, headache and congestion.

After I researched the flu virus shot, I read, the flu shot is not a guarantee you will not get the virus, but if you should, like I did, the severity of the symptoms are lessen and length of the illness is shorten, compared to the getting the virus without the vaccination.

So there, you have it, the virus is on the move in ND, as we get into the worst months of the bug, and it is not too late to get the shot. Remember, it does take at least two full weeks for the influenza shot take effect in your body.

For one, I'm glad the virus was shorten and not as severe. But for the three days I was effective, I was sick! I feel fortunate I had three days off already before hand.

For more information on the flu, the daily count and way to treat and prevent the virus, visit the CDC website.






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