We all know that you should wash your hands after going to the bathroom and in general, more frequently when it's cold and flu season.  Door knobs, toilets and counter tops  can be nasty "Petri Dishes" for transmitting germs, so we go the extra mile to clean these surfaces.  Tell me though, and be honest, when's the last time you disinfected your cell phone?  Here's Something You Need To Know:

Concern In Japan As The Wuhan Covid-19 Spreads
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Smartphones Spreading the Flu: The Centers for Disease Control believes smartphones are spreading the flu because they are being taken into bathrooms where people are coughing, sneezing and talking.

Dr. Justin Nistico says, “A lot of times with cell phones is that people will contact the phone constantly throughout the day. It’s not to say that all the bacteria on the phone will cause an infection, but what it can be is that a lot of times there are some strains of bacteria on the cell phone that can cause a big problem. To try to prevent that is to not you know have that kind of risk where you’re bringing your phone in the bathroom because there’s lots of risk for infection.”

The moral of the story, when you're doing your household chores, add cleaning your cell phone to the list.

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