Nolan Nenow is one of the most offensively skilled hockey players in the state.  Nenow is only at Sophomore on the Jamestown Blue Jays hockey team, but possesses skills way beyond his age.  I've got to witness it first hand, as my son plays for Bismarck High, and they've had some big battles with Jamestown the last couple years.

This past Friday night Jamestown played WDA favorite Bismarck Century.  The Patriots won the game 6-3, but it was Nenow's goal that had the spectators talking during and after the game.  This trick goal has been done by a few at the collegiate and pro-levels, but it's something you just don't see at the high school level.  Here's the goal for you to enjoy.  Nenow put the puck where Grandma keeps the peanut butter, top shelf!

Probably the person most known for this trick goal was Michigan University hockey player Mike Legg. In the 1996 NCAA Tournament game against the University of Minnesota, in which Legg picked up the puck onto his stick behind the net and wrapped it around the top corner of the net.

If you've ever attempted this type of trick shot before in hockey, you know how difficult it is do in practice, let alone in a game.  Your hand eye coordination is truly put to the test.  Here's the goal that Legg scored against the Minnesota Golden Gophers during the NCAA playoffs.


Something tells me, we might see Nolan Nenow attempting this shot again someday at the college level? This kid has a lot of growing still yet to do, and is already doing things Seniors in North Dakota high school hockey can't do. If you get the chance, he's fun to watch!



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