When you look back at our country since Y2K, just about every year has had some sort of fear mongering.  Sadly, growing up I was up a little boy living most of my youth in fear.  "We're in our last days", "The world is coming to an end."  To be honest growing up, I never really thought that I would have a chance to grow up.  Fear ruled most of my early years on this planet.  Thankfully, I was able to overcome that fear over-time.

Today, we have "daily" opportunities to live in fear.  All you have to do is turn on TV and you can find the media's next big thing, we're all going to die from.  Look at your phone and it's not much better.  You tube is full of "snakes" and their monetized conspiracy theory videos.  The government is trying to kill us with coronavirus.  The coronavirus vaccine will be "the mark of the beast."  The government is trying to kill our kids in school with a new "Wi-Fi."  FEMA has "death camps" set up all over the USA, just waiting for the right moment to lock us all up.  Oh, and 5G is going to kill us all too.

I ran across this list of events and things that were all going to kill us since Y2K.  I have to admit, Y2K did have me on edge a bit.  I still remember, wondering if our computers at work were going to work at midnight or not?  Should I take all of my money out of the bank?  Then after we finally get by all that nonsense, 2001 and 911 strikes.  Now, that was scary, but we overcame.

I know I've been on both sides of the fence on COVID-19.  I've tried to stay informed.  I've teetered and I've tottered. Even the so called "experts" change their opinions, views and minds, so I don't really feel bad for changing my mine.  Remember, how your pet couldn't get it?  Or that masks were pointless.  I know my opinions could change again.  However, time to live your life and move on.  There's always going to be something to be afraid of.  I remember all of these all to well and was smart enough to know "this too shall pass"!  Fear locks you up in life.  Don't let it!


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