North Dakota State University has always hosted dry football games at the Fargodome, but that may change as Fargodome board president, John Q. Paulsen, is making a new recommendation. 

Paulsen will recommend a beer garden to provide alcohol sales to the general population who attend games.

It doesn't seem to me that it's fair to the general public to have alcohol available in the suites but not for the general population of people who attend games.

To transition, he believes that alcohol sales will begin in the suites this fall and mid-season for the general public. NDSU President Dean Bresciani is in favor of alcohol sales in the suites and will leave it up to the Fargodome to make a decision on sales to the general public. The board is not recommending that alcohol be allowed in the stands, especially in the student section. This is why a beer garden may be the best solution.

Paulsen might recommend that alcohol sales be shut down at the end of the third quarter to eliminate possible drunk drivers. The recommendations will be made at the board meeting next Tuesday, July 28.

[Source: WDAY]