Identity theft is running rampant in this country right now.

I know myself, that I have had my debit card hacked into 3 times in the last 6 months.  The most recent time, the kind individuals decided to buy airline tickets from Miami to Greece at 7 pm Friday heading into the Labor Day weekend (of course leaving me with nothing I could do).

That purchase drained my bank account and made it hard to have a fun holiday. I really hope they had a terrible vacation. Luckily, my bank decided to cover it for me.

That's just one incident.  There have been others including somebody hacking into my credit card recently making bets on Draft Kings.  I hope they put money on the Vikings winning the Super Bowl and lost EVERYTHING.  Identity theft has really gotten out of control.

Now, the Feds are warning the people of North Dakota to NEVER keep these 7 items in their wallets or purse.

What am I speaking of?  It's a whole laundry list of items that could make your life a nightmare if they fall into the wrong hands.  I know for a fact, that I'm guilty of carrying several of these items in my wallet from time to time.

Why?  Because scammers are out in full force right now.  Nobody is safe. 

If they were able to get ahold of this one particular item, they could use it to open up credit cards, take out loans, and a host of other sinister deeds that could decimate your good credit forever.

So, let's get to it.  These are 7 Items you should NEVER carry in your wallet or purse. 

7 Items North Dakotans Should Never Carry In Their Wallet

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