One of the coolest things in life is to see your dreams come true. One such case has happened to Maartje Murphy. While growing up and spending time with her grandparents, she was around delicious dairy products, as her family ran a dairy farm in the Netherlands before they moved to Canada. In 2010, they found themselves out in North Dakota, where they opened a new dairy farm. Maartje ( March-A ) never gave up on her dream to open up and run a gelato business in North Dakota. While talking to her on the phone this afternoon, she told me her family thought "she was crazy" about pursuing her dream - I can speak for myself, and though I'm quite sure there will a ton of other folks that will agree, that we are all thrilled she didn't give up!

Maartje continued on with her SWEET pursuit - back in 2017, she attended Gelato University in Chicago, learning the basics of how to make the sweet treat. Fast forward until now, she operates Duchessa Gelato, in Carrington, North Dakota. Have you ever experienced the joy of eating a gelato treat? You are missing out if you said no. The common question most people ask is - isn't gelato like ice cream? The technical answer would be -  Compared to ice cream, gelato uses more milk than cream and is churned at a slower and warmer temperature for a smooth, creamy, and rich taste.

Ok, I am one step ahead of you, your next question is - "Where is this amazing goodness?" - She and her husband Casey are out in Carrington, ND. Here is their website - - They offer catering packages, they do weddings, business meetings - anything to serve you better. Her dream, which is now a reality, has made so many people happy for two and a half years!.


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