Bismarck lands at the top of another national list, not that it's a surprise to any of us! 

Downtown Bismarck was named #8 most livable according to AARP's new Livibility index. Other notable neighborhoods in the Top 10 include Downtown Sioux Falls, SD.

The new index tool takes into account numerous factors in seven categories including housing, health, environment, neighborhood (proximity to jobs), transportation (options, congestion, costs), engagement (social and civil involvement) and opportunities (jobs).

Input was taken from over 30 academic and public policy experts as well as over 4,500 surveys from people age 50 and older.

While the focus was on older people, AARP says the information can be useful for anyone of any age, as well as extremely helpful for city planners.

If you'd like to see how your neighborhood measures up, check out the AARP Neighborhood Index Tool.

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