Does Bismarck need a Flowrider? This is one of my favorite water rides that I've ever been on. They have one at The Great Wolf Lodge in Bloominton MN, and they also have one at the Wisconsin Dells. The line to get on the Flowrider machine was really long, but it was definitely worth the wait. It's a wave simulator that can be used for knee boarding or surfing.

The Flowrider machine is enjoyed by many people that ride it. I got to see people do some incredible tricks on the Flowrider. Everytime I got the chance to ride it, I didn't want to get off of it because it was a lot of fun.

The Flowrider at the Great Wolf Lodge in Bloominton, MN is indoors so it can be used year round while the Flowrider at the Wisconsin Dells is outside. Recently I found out that Williston, ND has one at the ARC. I think it would be a big hit and a lot of fun if we could get one here in Bis-Man. It would be nice if the Bis-Man area would get an indoor waterpark with a lazy river, slides, and a Flowrider machine.

The Flowrider would be a huge hit in Bismarck and it would be nice if we could get an indoor one that we would be able to use year round. Should Bismarck build a stand alone waterpark or have it part of a hotel? Have you ever been on a Flowrider? Would you use a Flowrider if Bismarck got one?

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