Have you felt like a caged animal over the last month and a half?  Well, now that quarantine is over, a trip to the Dakota Zoo might be just what the doctor ordered.

The Dakota Zoo has been closed since March 20th, even though state regulations did not mandate zoo's from opening.  The Dakota Zoo will officially open on Saturday, May 9th at 10am and it will be the 59th season the zoo has been open.

New additions to the Dakota Zoo this year include baby Pallas cats, a baby bison, baby Transcaspian urials (which is a wild sheep) and baby red-ruffed lemurs.

Safety measures will be in place including you must wear a mask when entering the gift shop and the number of patrons will be restricted to 10.  Signs will be posted to remind guests to practice social distancing throughout the zoo.  Customers who are 65 or older or persons at high risk are encouraged to wear a mask.  The Trains will be operating and "pods" have been established to allow riders to remain isolated from others.  Some indoor facilities will remain closed for the time being.

For more information you can contact the zoo director Terry Lincoln at 701-223-7543.


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