You don't have to be a kid to love Breakfast at the Zoo. You don't even have to have kids to come to enjoy the zoo. A tasty breakfast is just a great way to support all they do at the Dakota Zoo!

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, coffee, and juice.

That sounds like a solid start to your Saturday! The cost is just $10 for member adults and $5 for member children. Non-member adults are $20 and non-member children are $15.  It's this Saturday from 8 AM-10 AM.

Get there early before it gets HOT!*

*actually Saturday's high temp is forecast to be 70 degrees.  Maybe bring a jacket


The Dakota Zoo is filled with eye-opening animal experiences for young and old. Check out this video of one of the most ferocious creatures on earth having a little kitty fun with their favorite ball and a big ol' tub of water. This is from the Zoo's Facebook channel

We are truly fortunate to have such a treasure here in Bismarck.  We should take any opportunity to support them when we can.  Plus, there's bacon. One of the ongoing missions of the Dakota Zoo is Raptor Rehabilitation. Dozens of these beautiful birds are rehabilitated every year.  Check out this short video of a bird that was recently released by staff at the Dakota Zoo.  This is from their Facebook page.

So you'll be supporting all the wonderful work they accomplish all year round...plus there's sausage!  Remember, zoo animals are usually more active in the early part of the day.  Add a trip to the Superslide Amusement Park and you've got a full day of fun for all ages.

So get active yourself and get to the Zoo this Saturday morning from 8-10.

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