If you've got a sweet tooth like myself, you'll be glad to know the Dakota Horizons Girls Scouts 2021 cookie program is on!  Everything you love about the Girl Scout Cookie Program is back for this year's program and girls will be running their businesses in a way that is safe for them and their communities.

According to an article on KX News, this year the Girls Scouts have a new and potentially easier way to sell their delicious cookies.  Last year, COVID-19 made cookie sales rather difficult.  This year, one of the options will be for the Girl Scout Troops to create drive up opportunities.   In the article, this option will vary from troop to troop and vary from city to city, but the idea is that a person could drive up in their vehicle, have their order taken, pay with a credit card.  No money being handled, and then you get your cookies and you're off.

Dakota Horizons Girl Scout members stopped by our studios recently and were kind enough to drop off several boxes of their signature cookies.  My favorite kind?  Not even close, "Samoas"!  Crisp cookies with mouth watering caramel, coconut, and dark chocolaty stripes.  Truly to die for!  A big shout out to Dakota Horizons Girl Scouts as they remembered each and everyone of our dj's with a box of cookies.  Looks like some extra gym time for me.

Girl Scout cookies go on sale on February 19th and end on March 22nd.

For more information on how to support your local girl scout troops CLICK HERE!



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