There's truly a unique business coming to Bismarck.  Introducing "CycleBar" an indoor cycling premium studio.  Co-owner Taylor Heinert, a Bismarck St. Mary's graduate, just moved back to her hometown from Anchorage, Alaska to pursue this opportunity.  Taylor will partner with Mary Logan on this venture.

I sat down with Taylor and she said, "There's nothing like it in Bismarck Mandan.  You would have to go to Fargo or Grand Forks to find anything close!"  CycleBar is a franchise, that has facilities across the country.  They offer a low-impact, high intensity indoor cycling experience for all ages and body types.  CycleBar prides itself on the health and safety of their rider and staff.

So, what can you expect when you enter CycleBar?  They offer premium indoor cycling amenities including, complimentary water, a night club atmosphere, with lights and music and secure lockers.  "You'll feel like you're a part of a community", said owner Taylor Heinert.  They will offer 50 minute and 30 minute sessions.  You can expect to burn around 500 calories in a typical 50 minute session.  It's a full body workout.  You'll target your core with different movements, your legs of course and even your arms.  Your stats from your workout will even be emailed to you after each session.

CycleBar is offering a "pre-sale" right now if you sign up.  Through Wednesday, April 14th the cost is $99.00 per month.  After Wednesday, the prices will go up.  Here's CycleBar Bismarck's website.

Taylor Heinert
Taylor Heinert

CycleBar plans to open in Bismarck by the end of the summer of 21.  They plan to operate Monday thru Friday from 5 am to 7 pm.  They will also be open Saturday and Sunday on a limited schedule.

They will be located at 820 43rd Ave NE Suite 112 in Bismarck.  Same building at Crumble Cookie is located or same parking lot as Cashwise North.

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