This has the potential to make last year's toilet paper shortage look like a walk in the park.  Imagine walking into your favorite watering hole or liquor store and lots of empty shelves?  Oh, the humanity.  Safe to say that Busch Light would be the first to disappear off the shelves.  At least in Bismarck Mandan am I right?

Is this a far-fetched scenario or a real possibility? 

It is kind of ironic in the fact that back in 2020 when businesses were shut down, liquor stores were considered essential.  Well, that is part of the problem, Americans and North Dakotans drank a lot of booze over the last year and throughout the pandemic.  Record amounts.  That is part of the reason for the shortage.

According to an article on NewsBreak, dozens of states around the country are indeed experiencing a booze shortage. Thankfully, North Dakota is not one of them.  Yet anyway.  David Ozgo, the chief economist of the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S., says, “I don’t think anybody saw the kind of demand that we’re seeing right now, particularly in those high-end super-premium products coming.”  Disruption in the liquor industry.

Say it isn't so. 

High fuel prices, fewer truck drivers nationwide, and even a slow down on the making of glass bottles are all making an impact, according to Forbes.  We all know what happens with supply and demand right?  You'll end up paying more.  YIKES!

You have to look no further than Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the nearest liquor shortage, according to Forbes.  That's a little too close for comfort in my opinion.  Stay thirsty my friends.



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