It's hard work and you're working in all sorts of weather conditions. Construction workers in North Dakota rank in the top 20 states for the highest pay for construction workers in the nation, according to Money Talk News.

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The report published this week ranks North Dakota construction workers at #15 in the country. Workers make an average hourly wage of $19.10. The only problem is trying to find enough qualified workers to fill all of the vacant constructions jobs in the state. That shortage is not helping the demand, since the state construction jobs increased by 3.4 percent (equal to 1,100 new jobs) between May 2016 and May 2017.

The highest paid state for construction workers is Illinois, where the hourly rate is $27.01. The least paid state is Arkansas, the Razorback state is at 12.38 per hour.

A construction workers job can cover several areas including laborers to workers who specialize in brickwork, framing, cement and drywall.

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