LINCOLN, N.D. - Lincoln city officials are warning residents about using water following complaints of sediment and bad odor, according to KFYR-TV.

The city believes the water is safe the drink, bathe, and clean with, however, residents should err on the side of caution.

Chlorine levels indicate that bacteria is being killed, but a series of complaints from residents have Lincoln leaders recommending homes flush all faucets and water heaters for five minutes or until water is clear and flush toilets.

While the cause of the problem is unknown, this follows a series of flushing tests the city conducted after installing a new water line.

City engineers have shut off the new line and are continuing to use the original line. Homes should have water, but select areas may have low water pressure as they continue to flush fire hydrants Thursday night.

The city is bringing in bottled water for those who don't feel safe drinking the city water. They apologize for the frustration and burden this has caused.

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