In light of the latest claims of abuse from a Catholic Church priest in North Dakota isn't it about time for a change in the Catholic Church?

More on that in a minute.

I'm referring to the incidents involving Father Neil Pfeifer 48 of Jamestown.  The latest complaint, according to Valley News Live, involves a woman who came forward alleging that Pfeifer, a priest at St. Phillip Neri Catholic Church in Napoleon, North Dakota at the time, sexually assaulted her.

Pfeifer was acting as a spiritual advisor at the time of the incident and it happened on a retreat.  The woman alleges Pfeifer kissed her on the mouth and grabbed her inappropriately.  He also took her hands and made her touch him inappropriately.

Another woman has also come forward where Pfeifer is currently a priest at St. James Basilica Catholic Church in Jamestown, North Dakota.

The woman alleges sexual exploitation by a therapist and sexual assault.  The charges were filed in Stutsman County.

My question is?  Isn't it about time the Catholic religion allows priests to marry/date?

After hundreds of years of abuse, this madness needs to stop.  Yes, I know this wouldn't put a stop to all abuse but it would be a good start.

Show me one verse in the bible that says pastors, priests or clergymen of any kind shouldn't be allowed to marry as Christians.  Good luck, you'll be searching for a long time.  It's not in the bible.

So, it's a doctrine set forth by the Catholic Church that is mandating this policy.  Then my question is why?  What is their reasoning?  According to Catholic Answers, after a lot of confusing rhetoric, it's because all priests are to take a vow of celibacy.

Again, why?  After all, it would be beneficial for numerous reasons to allow priests to marry. I always get a kick out of a priest giving marital advice to a new couple about to get married for example.

Wake up Catholic Church.  Do something about your centuries of abuse and allow your priests to marry.  It's time.

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