Carrie Underwood is looking forward to a new year that's — hopefully — markedly different from 2020. Because even though the singer kept up a busy promotional schedule and got in plenty of family time over the last year, she'd still like to find more moments to take better care of herself.

Isn't such a wish similar to many of our own goals? For Underwood, it's one she regularly keeps in her arsenal of resolutions once New Year's Eve rolls around. That's what the entertainer observed in a recent roundtable interview in which Taste of Country Nights took part.

"I do make New Year's resolutions," Underwood says. "A lot of times they're things like, 'I wanna have a little more me-time. Take better care of yourself.' To breathe and be peaceful, things like that."

"I feel like probably a New Year's resolution from last year would've been something like spending more time with my family," the singer continues. "And then I kinda got that this year."

But there's one other thing Underwood hopes for in 2021. It's to start touring again, performing her music for the legions of Carrie fans far and wide. That's something that's been incredibly lacking in 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic has curbed all major live shows since March.

"I think this year's all taught us to be grateful for what we have," Underwood adds. "I definitely would like to work more next year, as far as getting out and seeing people. But I'm not in control of that, so we'll do the best we can. Keep moving forward with the circumstances we are given."

Ain't that the truth. For now, Carrie devotees can take solace in the singer's recent My Gift Christmas album and HBO Max special. Of late, she's been showing off her Yuletide tunes like the original "Sweet Baby Jesus" on Cracker Barrel's Sounds of the Season and "Let There Be Peace" on Today.

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