Caroline Spence has shared a new song, and it features a little high-profile vocal help from bluegrass giant Emmylou Harris. Press play above to listen to the track.

Spence's "Mint Condition" is the title track from her upcoming album release. In the song, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter talks about how although all of her favorite things are "tired and worn," she preserves her love in the best possible condition. Harris joins in on the chorus with Spence later in the song for a warm duet, singing: "Still in mint condition, mint condition / Like when we were two kids just hopin’ and wishin’ / That this life that we see ain't no apparition / So we keep our love in mint condition." 

Spence told American Songwriter that in 2013, she made the conscious decision to stop writing pity party breakup songs to writing things a little more optimistic. She explained to the outlet, “I gave myself a writing prompt that was something like, ‘Let’s write the opposite of all that. Let’s think about the type of life you’d like to look back on when you’re older. Let’s write something good enough for Emmylou Harris to sing … Everything came full-circle in this amazing way.’’

"Mint Condition" is available for purchase now. Spence's album, Mint Condition, as a whole will be released on May 3. More information about Spence can be found on her official website.

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