Carly Pearce's "Closer to You" video is about longing for that special someone you're separated from. Lucky for her, he shows up.

Pearce, with leopard boots on, is driving fast — gaining speed as she gets closer to the man she loves. The video pans to the next scene, in her home, with a beautiful view of downtown Nashville. Flash back to that classic car and real-life fiance Michael Ray is on the bench seat with her, snuggled up and kissing her neck and cheeks.

How'd They Get Together, Anyways? 

Pearce took the time out of working on her upcoming sophomore album with famed producer Busbee to chat with fans leading up to the YouTube music video premiere and says "It's no secret I want my fans to experience this exciting journey alongside me – from awards, tours and even my special relationship with Michael."

"As the lyrics say, ‘all I wanna do is get closer to you’ and that really rings true for me," she says in a press release.

Pearce's "Closer to You" music video was filmed in Nashville by director Mason Dixon. The different moody tones and low-lit moments bring a feeling of intimacy, and it's pretty sexy. The scenes shift as the songstress waits at her window in an emerald dress, waiting for Ray until they're ready to hit the road for a whirlwind romance in a fast car.

Pearce will be co-headlining the Way Back Tour this March with friend Russell Dickerson. She will also be traveling overseas to make her first appearances at C2C Festival and CMC. This May Pearce will join Jason Aldean on his Ride All Night Tour.

Pearce and Michael Ray became engaged during the holidays in 2018.

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