My favorite day of the year is not a holiday

     February 17th - is my favorite day of the year, by far. My birthday! Not the day I was born, but my sobriety date - 2-17-09. I mention this in hopes of NOT sounding vain, I expect no cards or presents. My gifts come to me every morning I wake up clear-headed and sober. I am not an expert by any means, and I have no special recipe for treating my disease, for there is no cure. I'm writing this blog to share my experience with a magical place here in our city. Bismarck recovery homes are a valuable source for troubled souls. One of which is called Hope Manor. Residents there come to learn that long-term recovery is about gaining tools and practicing them in daily life. Megan - an administrator - is the first person you come into contact with when seeking help - she handles the interview process. There is no time limit on your stay, you are not kicked out after 6 months. You progress at your own comforting pace and ease back into life's challenges.

The Hub is driven by love and experience

 Judith Roberts is an angel - founder of Hope Manor and a place that she just opened up at the beginning of 2021 - The Hub. I had a chance to visit this wonderful place last year for the very first time, and just a couple of days ago I stepped back inside, it's still such a magical place, and a haven for people of all ages to come and relax, to be around other sober individuals in a peaceful, stress-free environment. I can't say enough about how valuable this is to the newcomer or someone that's been clean for 30 years. Located at 321 South 1st street, open seven days a week. There are meetings here every day, a coffee bar, a huge room with a ping-pong table, and a soothing area next to a fireplace. Support is what is served up best - a SAFE soothing place. There is no better feeling in this world than to take your life back and live each day FREE of deceit, lies, and destroying relationships - to wake up and face each brand new day on your terms. Also, the most important thing to constantly be aware of is to stay vigilant and know that your disease can't ever be cured, it's waiting to take you down again.

Cold hard facts about addiction

The odds of recovering from serious alcohol or drug problems are completely stacked against you - Their jobs are to give you HOPE and STRENGTH- both Judith and Megan know how terrifying addiction is. I asked Megan what her favorite part of her job is - "I have a front-row seat to miracles" To anyone that takes it "One day at a time" your journey is worth it - a trillion times over.


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