If you're not aware, let me tell you that the Bismarck/Mandan real estate market is red hot for sellers. If you're in the market to buy a home you might find yourself paying a little more to get into a home that's new to you.

Is $1.25 million a little more than you were expecting?

This compound is currently on the market.  Surprisingly it's been there for over 140 days.  Sure your estimated payments would be over $7,100 a month. But maybe if you started clipping coupons and cutting back on stuff like food you could make it happen.

If you want to take a peek it's 634 Terrace Drive Bismarck.

I just bought a house early this year in Bismarck.  There were 10 offers on the very first day!  So many people came to see the house, my chance to tour was only fifteen minutes.  Absolutely insane.  I'm sure it's only gotten tighter in Bismarck/Mandan.  My sister and I have begun the selling process for the home we grew up in.  She's doing all the work up in Minot and told me one day she was going to paint the foundation before putting the house on the market.

In BisMan property is being sold strictly AS IS.

No seller in Bismarck is out painting the foundation.  You're lucky if they flush the toilets.  But that's supply and demand for ya.  Check out the many windows of this cool "open concept" compound-like property that comes with a private drive.

Don't miss the wacky window on top of the property.

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