I just wrote about another popular Bismarck/Mandan restaurant yesterday delivering a sad announcement

This was of course the Toasted Frog, over on 124 N 4th Street  - this was quite painful for all of us to hear about it, you see back in April they had closed its doors for a bit and posted that they would be taking a temporary break, working on some updates and such, and they would "keep us posted" - and that they did - yesterday.

"...didn't work out as we hoped"

kfyrtv reported yesterday that a co-owner announced “Although we are saddened to be ending our time in Bismarck, we are proud of the twelve-year run we’ve had serving this community. We hoped to transition ownership of this location to another group, things just didn’t work out as we hoped.”  So about 14 hours ago ( as of 4:29 pm on this Monday the 24th of April ) we read about another local place in town saying goodbye for good.

The Scapegoat Bar in Mandan put out a simple classy, gracious message to their friends and loyal customers

The Scapegoat over at 202 East Main Street by all accounts is closed. Opened under new management back in 2017 - the pictures on its Facebook page showed a ton of happy people living life at its finestt, outdoors enjoying music and the whole atmosphere. A simple post from them let old friends and customers know that they wished everyone well, and thanks for the memories. No explanations or apologies, just words that were sad to read, but from the heart from a local neighborhood hang-out. Thank YOU Scapegoat Bar!



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