Springtime in North Dakota is known for its roller-coaster temperature changes.

Using your heater on the way to work in the morning is common, and then needing your air conditioner on the way home.  Temperature variations on those days are usually around 40 degrees or so.  You might start with a low temperature of 30 and reach the 70s in the afternoon.  About a 40-degree temperature variation.

That's in the springtime in North Dakota.  The funny thing is, it's still winter.  I know it's felt like spring for a good share of this winter thanks to El Nino, but the calendar doesn't lie.

Today's 24-hour temperature range in Bismarck Mandan could be one for the record books.

Valley News Live
Valley News Live

We are expecting a high temperature in Bismarck on Monday, February 26th somewhere in the lower 60s (depending on the weather outlet you look at).  Our overnight low tonight is expected to reach the single digits (8), according to Valley News Live.  That means our temperature variation for one 24-hour period is going to be somewhere around 50 degrees.  That's pretty impressive, and it's something that doesn't happen very often.

Just how rare is a temperature variation of 50 degrees in one 24-hour period in North Dakota?

I gave the National Weather Service in Bismarck a call and asked them that very question.  They echoed my sentiment but didn't have any records off-hand that they could share in a 24-hour period, but no doubt we will be in rare company tomorrow morning after we bottom out in the single digits after a 60-degree day today.

I guess in the meantime, we should just enjoy a 60-degree day in February in North Dakota.  That in itself is pretty rare.

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