I have seen more Christmas lights come up in the last week, and it's awesome! The countdown to our favorite day. There is something magical this time of year, and the cool thing is, people are showing creativity and putting their personality into the artistic displays. Every night when I get off work, I notice another house that has joined in, there is no feeling of competition within the neighborhoods, just good old fashioned Christmas spirit. Check out our LIGHT UP BISMARCK-MANDAN 2020 - no doubt you will recognize some of the houses in your area through our entries. Feel free to enter your pics in our contest - through our FREE 965TheFoxAPP.

There is one Bismarck mom who is a genius! KFYRTV introduced us to Sheena Klaudt - she loves this time of year, and like most of us, notices all the lights and glimmer - she has gone one step further,  Sheena created the map and the Facebook page “I love Christmas Lights – Bismarck Mandan” to share with her friends and family eight years ago. She has developed quite a following. How cool is it, that she and her family drive around Bismarck/Mandan once the sun goes down, searching for new houses to add on.

She started her modest map back in 2012, just for her and the family, and a few friends - well eight years later “There are now over 4,000 people in the group. The more the merrier: The more we have on the map, the more we can see everyone’s awesome job of decorating,”  A clear labor of love, and the wonderful thing is that she is constantly looking to expand - so much so, that you are invited to send her a message on her Facebook Page – just search “I love Christmas Lights – Bismarck Mandan” on Facebook. The group is public and open for anyone to join.

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