With everything that is going on, the Bismarck/Burleigh Public Health Department has been doing an amazing job.  From Covid testing to contact tracing for the state to sharing information, they have been on the front lines keeping us safe.  Now they'd like to share stories of people who have gone above and beyond and stories of how the city has come together with the "Bismarck Cares Connection".  Here's their press release and SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

The City of Bismarck is reaching out to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, asking them to share with the City the many acts of kindness they witness of caring individuals, organizations and businesses doing good within the community. The purpose is to engage the community and to shine a light on all of the wonderful ways our community comes together! Community members are asked to send these items with a description of the activity that exhibits people doing good, caring for our neighbors and community, with a link to the related website or social media, and a photo if available. A link to the form to submit these items can be found on the BismarckBurleigh Public Health Facebook page @BBPH.gov or on the City web site at www.bismarcknd.gov.

You can catch daily updates from Bismarck/Burleigh Public Health Monday-Friday on US 103.3 and your Local Townsquare Media stations...SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!


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